FM Approved Performance Categories

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TT FM Labels VerticalAll of our FM Approved fabrics are labeled with the proper rating prominently displayed both on the outside packaging and imprinted on the fabric itself.

FM Approvals, the testing and certification arm of FM Global has developed the first performance-based standard for “Welding Curtains, Welding Blankets and Welding Pads.” The FM 4950 Standard has since been adopted by ANSI and is now known as ANSI/FM4950.  The rating system makes it easy to determine which of the three levels of fire protection – welding curtains, welding blankets or welding pads – is needed for a specific hot work operation.

Rating System:

Welding Curtains 

  • Intended to prevent sparks from escaping in Vertical applications with LIGHT to MODERATE exposures to sparks and heat resulting from chipping, grinding, heat-treating, sand blasting and light horizontal welding.

Welding Blankets

  • Intended to protect machinery and prevent ignition of combustibles located in the work area for HORIZONTAL applications with LIGHT to MODERATE exposures to sparks, heat and molten slag.

Welding Pads

  • Intended to prevent the ignition of combustibles that are located adjacent to the underside of the pad in HORIZONTAL applications with SEVERE exposures that result from molten substances or heavy horizontal welding.

FM Approved welding pads can be used as Approved welding blankets as well as Approved welding curtains.  FM Approved welding blankets can be used as Approved welding curtains.