Tempro Tec Inc. is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated. We began our operations on November 1, 1988 to service the Western Canadian market with unique non-asbestos, high temperature textile products. We have 70 years of combined experience in the commercial, industrial, manufacturing and mining markets.  We are recognized for our high quality product offerings as well as our technical expertise.

An integral part of Tempro Tec’s business is manufacturer representation.  As a manufacturer’s representative, these companies rely on Tempro Tec to promote their products throughout Western Canada with support and follow-up with engineers, specifiers, end-users and project designers.

We have nine full-time employees with sales offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, and maintain product inventories in major centers throughout Western Canada.

Our Products:

  • Meet all North American codes and quality standards
  • Protect your people, your equipment and your property
  • Reduce heat loss, save energy and reduce carbon emissions