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Welding Fire Blankets Silicone

Fire Blankets

Tempro Tec offers a wide range of silicone fire blankets for nearly any type of hot work application.









TecWeld® RSM Silicone Cloth 

TecWeld® RSM Silicone Cloth is a fiberglass base fabric that has been coated with a specially formulated silicone rubber compound. It provides great abrasion, puncture and tear resistance to the base fiberglass fabric. The silicone coating provides greater life, oil and water repellency than uncoated fabrics. The coating also provides better smoke and flame resistance.


Temperature Resistance  
  Base Fabric: Continuous 1000°F
  Coating: Continuous 500°F
Base Fabric: Satin Weave
Content: 100% Fiberglass
Color: Red
Weight: 17 oz/yd2 (+/- 10%)
Thickness: 0.16" (+/- 10%)
Count: (w x f) 48 x 31
Tensile Strength: (w x f) 250 x 200 lbs/in FTMS 191A/5102
Tear Strength: (w x f) 50 x 25 lbs/in FTMS 191A/5136
Burst Strength: (w x f) 200 lbs/in2 FTMS191A/MF122 (Mullen)
Coating: Silicone
Flame Resistance FTMS 191A/5903.1
  Char length: 0.3"
  Afterglow: 2.5 seconds
  Flameout: 1 second
Hydrostatic Resistance: 200 lbs/ in2 FTMS 191A/M5512 (Mullen)
Size: 60" x 50 yds
Data Sheet (pdf)